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Frequently Asked Tiny House Questions



We are a leading supplier and reseller of high-quality Tiny Houses, designed with an emphasis on detail, sustainability, comfort, and affordability. Our mission is to make compact living accessible, stylish, and functional.
Yes, placing a Tiny House in the backyard is possible, especially if the property is on a spacious lot. For more information, please consult our guide on placing a Tiny House in your garden.
Een Tiny House van Tiny House Hub is een compacte, op maat gemaakte woon- of werkruimte die je in je tuin of op een ander perceel kunt plaatsen. Afhankelijk van je wensen kan het worden uitgerust met voorzieningen zoals een keuken, badkamer en vloerverwarming.
Our Tiny Houses are heated using infrared underfloor heating, complemented by an electric towel radiator in the bathroom. Other options include infrared wall panels and/or an air conditioning/heating unit.

Each Tiny House is equipped with a heat recovery ventilation system, ensuring optimal air quality and energy efficiency.

Our Tiny Houses blend modern architecture with efficient use of space. They are constructed sustainably using high-quality materials and are delivered turn-key, meaning they are ready for occupancy right away.
Absolutely! We understand that everyone has unique preferences and needs. That's why we offer various customization options, from interior finishes to layout modifications.
Onze Tiny Houses variëren in grootte, maar zijn geoptimaliseerd voor compact wonen zonder in te leveren op comfort. De exacte afmetingen zijn afhankelijk van het gekozen model en de specificaties. Bekijk hier al onze modellen.


In many cases, you can place our Tiny Houses without a permit. However, it's always important to consult local regulations and, if necessary, request an initial conversation with the municipality.
    • Het bestemmingsplan geeft aan welke functies op specifieke locaties zijn toegestaan. Voor de bouw of plaatsing van een Tiny House voor permanente bewoning is het essentieel dat de locatie een woonbestemming heeft.

Je kunt de toegewezen bestemming van je gekozen locatie controleren op een lokale of landelijke website die hier over gaat in jouw land of regio.

Als je aanvraag wordt afgewezen, is het belangrijk om de redenen voor de afwijzing te begrijpen en te kijken of je jouw plannen kunt aanpassen om alsnog aan de eisen te voldoen. Hulp nodig? Neem contact met ons op.

Yes, in most cases, there are specific rules regarding how many square meters you can build on in your garden, depending on the size of your garden and the building area.



The Custom model utilizes an advanced exterior wall construction consisting of thermally treated wood, Rothoblaas membranes, Basalt mineral wool, OSB panels, and high-quality interior finishing. The insulation value is U=0.15 W/m2K.

These models have exterior walls that consist of a combination of Rigips plasterboard, Isover vapor barrier foil, a steel structure with mineral wool, PIR thermal insulation panels, and a finish of sheet metal or wood. The interior walls are constructed using the Rigips "drywall" system and are filled with Isover acoustic wool.

  • Custom Model: The floor consists of bitumen, Rothoblaas foils, Basalt mineral wool, electric underfloor heating carpet, and high-quality interior finishing.
  • VISTA / MALMÖ / MALMÖ+ / MALMÖ XL / STUGA Models: The floor is finished with vinyl panels, cement particle boards, mineral wool, and trapezoidal sheet protection.
  • Custom Model: Er zijn twee dakopties: Staalplaat Dak en Plat Dak.
  • VISTA / MALMÖ / MALMÖ+ / MALMÖ XL / STUGA Modellen: Het dak heeft dezelfde gelaagdheid als de buitenmuur met een extra laag waterdichting en een afwerking van in elkaar grijpende paneelplaten.
"All models have a robust steel frame that is protected against corrosion. The steel used is of types S355 and S235.

The wooden panel cladding, made from Siberian larch, is treated for added durability. The roof is finished with metal plates in RAL 7016.

These models are equipped with high-quality PVC window frames with a thermal insulation coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W/m2K. The exterior doors are available in aluminum or steel, while the interior doors have a white laminated design.

The living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen are painted according to RAL. The bathroom features ground rectified white tiles or a wall panel. The ceiling is finished with white-painted plasterboard or wood.

These models include built-in electrical installations, an electric underfloor heating system with infrared technology, a Fujitsu/Awenta recuperator for ventilation, and a boiler with an electrically powered tank.

The bathroom features a built-in black cabinet, a ceramic white toilet and sink with black fixtures, and a white shower tray with a black shower faucet and rain shower.

The kitchen is custom-designed and includes lower and upper cabinets, a laminated countertop, and various kitchen appliances such as an Electrolux refrigerator, induction cooktop, sink, range hood, and dishwasher.



The standard delivery time for a Tiny House is approximately 12 weeks, but this may vary depending on the chosen materials and specifications.

No, all Tiny Houses are placed on ground screws, which is a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional foundations.

Our Tiny Houses are manufactured using modern construction techniques and high-quality materials to ensure sustainability and peace of mind.

Yes, at Tiny House Hub, we aim to accommodate the unique needs of each customer. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, we encourage potential buyers to visit our showroom location to get a better sense of our Tiny Houses.
Ja, wij bieden een uitgebreide garantie op onze Tiny Houses. Neem contact met ons op voor specifieke details over onze garantievoorwaarden.


Yes, we conduct a thorough assessment beforehand and, if necessary, involve third parties to ensure proper placement and connections are carried out.
If you don't have these utilities, you would need to arrange for their installation yourself. However, we can recommend parties we collaborate with to ensure a smooth installation process.
We and our collaborating partners are extensively insured to ensure a worry-free process.
The transportation and installation costs depend on the location, site accessibility, and the size of the Tiny House. We'd be happy to provide a customized quote after a detailed discussion of your specific situation.

Absoluut! Wij zorgen voor het volledige transportproces, inclusief alle bijkomstigheden. We werken samen met een betrouwbare partner die beschikt over een uitgebreid wagenpark met diverse kranen en vrachtwagens.


It is possible to obtain a mortgage for a Tiny House, but the options are limited. It's best to inquire with mortgage lenders to explore the available possibilities.
Yes, when you use your Tiny House as a business space, such as an office, certain investments and expenses may be tax deductible. However, it's essential to be well-informed about this matter. Therefore, we recommend consulting a financial advisor or accountant who can guide you in maximizing tax benefits and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.
The costs for transport and installation depend on the location, site accessibility, and the size of the Tiny House. We would be happy to provide a customized quote after a detailed discussion of your specific situation.
The cost of a Tiny House at Tiny House Hub depends on various factors, including material choices, design, size, and specific furnishings. As an indication, a standard unit of 28m2 with premium finishing is priced at approximately 2,400 EUR per m2. For a detailed quote, we recommend you contact us.

Our payment terms are as follows:

A deposit of 60% upon ordering.
A second payment of 35% six weeks after the start of construction.
A final payment of 5% upon completion and delivery of the Tiny House.

Our Tiny Houses are built with sustainability and quality in mind. With proper maintenance, a Tiny House from Tiny House Hub can last for many decades. We also provide warranties on our constructions, providing additional peace of mind for our customers.


While we don't offer fully off-grid Tiny Houses, we are happy to work with you on sustainable solutions for energy conservation and other environmentally friendly measures.
Wij transporteren onze Tiny Houses door heel continentaal Europa.
Our Tiny Houses are delivered complete and turn-key from our factory. You do not need to assemble them yourself.
Yes, our Tiny Houses are designed to withstand the elements and can therefore be placed by the water.
No, you don't have to do that. Our Tiny Houses are delivered fully assembled. You don't need to worry about the assembly; we've already taken care of that for you.
Our Tiny Houses come with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. This means that all essential amenities are included, and you can start setting up your new home right away.
Yes, while the kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped, it's up to you to furnish and decorate the house further according to your own taste and style.
Yes, we offer various options and upgrades for both the kitchen and the bathroom. Please contact us to discuss your specific preferences and the available choices.

How we operate

Precise planning and execution are our assurances.
01. Contact & Quotation
Upon completing the brochure form, we will reach out regarding your non-committal request. This will be followed by a transparent quotation.
02. Location Visit
We'll meet at your home to assess certain aspects and ensure that your backyard and your new Tiny House complement each other perfectly.
03. Preparation
We carry out the necessary preparatory tasks to ensure that your garden or destined location is ready to receive your new Tiny House.
04. Delivery Day
Once your Tiny House is ready, we'll transport it from the factory to your home and ensure a seamless and professional installation!

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Do you have any other questions or would you like more specific information about our Tiny House models? Feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to answer all your questions.