‘Can you place a Tiny House in your garden?’ This is a question many people ask when they are looking for a way to live more sustainably and with more space. On this page, we will also briefly explain the legislation regarding tiny houses in the garden.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the legislation regarding Tiny Houses in the garden varies significantly from one municipality to another in the Netherlands. Some municipalities allow you to place a tiny house in your garden, while others prohibit it. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully study local regulations before proceeding with the purchase of a Tiny House.

An important point to remember is that a Tiny House in the (back) garden is often considered an outbuilding. Outbuildings are allowed but under certain conditions. For example, it must comply with the municipality’s zoning plan and cannot exceed a certain height

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Rules regarding the distance and size of an outbuilding

When considering placing a Tiny House in your garden, it’s important to check whether the outbuilding complies with the rules regarding the distance to the property boundary and the maximum surface area it can occupy. These rules vary from one municipality to another, so it’s essential to carefully study local regulations. Generally, an outbuilding must have a certain distance from the property boundary, for example, at least one meter. Additionally, there is often a maximum surface area limit, such as 30 square meters. Therefore, it’s wise to thoroughly check the distance and surface area of a Tiny House in the garden before proceeding with its purchase.

Use of a Tiny House in the garden

An important point to consider when placing a Tiny House in your garden is that it often cannot be used as a primary residence. This means that it is not allowed to live in it permanently, and you must have your primary residence elsewhere. In most cases, a Tiny House in the garden can serve as a guest accommodation, a workspace, or a place to relax. Therefore, it’s important to carefully check in advance what the possibilities are within local regulations and determine the specific function the Tiny House can have in your situation. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises later on.
Tiny House in the backyard with lots of plants and trees

Check if permits are required

Placing a Tiny House in your garden may, in some cases, require permits. This can depend on the size and location of the outbuilding and may vary from one municipality to another. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact the municipality in advance to determine if permits are required. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises later on and make any necessary adjustments to the Tiny House. It’s better to be well-informed in advance and apply for any permits in a timely manner.

Buying a Tiny House or building one yourself?

When you’ve found a suitable spot for a Tiny House, you have the choice between buying an existing model or building your own. At Tiny House Hub, we have a lovely collection of Tiny Houses for sale. If you prefer to do it yourself, there are many examples of Tiny Houses on Pinterest that you can use for inspiration.

Buying a Tiny House can be attractive because you can start living immediately and don’t have to build it yourself. Our houses are delivered ready-made and can be used immediately after installation. This means you won’t have any construction noise that could disturb your neighbors, and it won’t create a mess in your living environment.

However, building a Tiny House yourself doesn’t have to be very difficult, especially if you have experience with construction. A Tiny House requires only a few facilities, and there are many building kits available to simplify the construction process. Whatever you choose, make sure you are well-informed about local regulations and the necessary permits before you begin the purchase or construction of a Tiny House.”

Tiny House in the backyard as temporary accommodation

Advantages of a Tiny House in your own garden

Having a Tiny House in your own garden comes with several advantages. You are not dependent on an external location and always have access to your own little house. Furthermore, you can build and furnish the Tiny House entirely according to your preferences. Another benefit is that a Tiny House in your own garden is more cost-effective than renting an apartment or buying a conventional house for extra space.

Temporary Living in a Tiny House in Your Own Garden During Renovations

During a major renovation or remodeling of a house, there may be a temporary need for alternative accommodation. Often, people opt for a caravan or mobile home next to the house. Another, more sustainable, and better option is to place a Tiny House for temporary living. This way, after the construction of your primary house, you essentially have an extra home that you can use as an office, hobby space, guest house for family, or even rent out on Airbnb!

At Tiny House Hub, we have a wide collection of Tiny Houses suitable for temporary living during a renovation. You’ll have your own enclosed space to live in without being dependent on the limited space inside your main house.

If you’d like more information about the possibilities of placing a Tiny House in your own garden during a renovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the best option for your specific situation.

Do you want a Tiny House?

An on-site Tiny House can be a smart choice if you want to live more independently and reduce your reliance on the conventional housing market. However, acquiring a Tiny House for your own garden requires careful preparation, permits, and an assessment of the suitability of the land. We’re here to assist you with this process. Please fill out the form and let us know your preferences.

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