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Tiny Houses for Sale

Considering buying a Tiny House? Discover our exclusive collection of luxury and modern modular homes.


  • Steel Frame
  • Energy Efficient
  • Thermally Treated Wood
  • Mezzanine
  • 5.5 RC-Value
  • Includes Delivery, Bathroom & Kitchen




  • Veranda
  • 2-bedroom Version
  • Triple Glazing
  • Steel Frame
  • Veranda
  • 5.5 RC-Value
  • Includes Delivery, Bathroom & Kitchen



Malmö XL

  • Extra Long
  • More Living Space
  • Thermally Treated Wood
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • 5.5 RC-Value
  • Includes Delivery, Bathroom & Kitchen




  • Expandable to 3 Bedrooms
  • Unique & Modern Design
  • The Most Luxurious Tiny House
  • Optimal Insulation
  • Turn-Key Delivered
  • Includes Delivery, Bathroom & Kitchen




  • Sloping Ceiling
  • Great Garden Addition
  • Large Glass Windows
  • 5.5 RC-Value
  • Thermally Treated Wood
  • Abundant Natural Light
  • Includes Delivery, Bathroom & Kitchen


  • Unique
  • Endless options
  • Custom design & finish
  • Exclusivity
  • Investment
  • Sustainable
  • Custom-made

x M²

€2000 per M²

Garden Office

  • Private Workspace
  • No Permit Required
  • Tax Benefits
  • Multifunctional Space
  • Insulated
  • Extra Guest Room
  • Quick Delivery

Where we Deliver

We deliver our innovative Tiny Houses & Modular Homes throughout continental Europe. Our Tiny Homes are ideally suited for both urban and rural living. Built to the highest quality standards and designed for a sustainable future.

How we operate

Precise planning and execution are our assurances.
01. Contact & Quotation
Upon completing the brochure form, we will reach out regarding your non-committal request. This will be followed by a transparent quotation.
02. Location Visit
We'll meet at your home to assess certain aspects and ensure that your backyard and your new Tiny House complement each other perfectly.
03. Preparation
We carry out the necessary preparatory tasks to ensure that your garden or destined location is ready to receive your new Tiny House.
04. Delivery Day
Once your Tiny House is ready, we'll transport it from the factory to your home and ensure a seamless and professional installation!
Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Luxury & Modern Tiny House - FAQ

The prices of our Tiny Houses start from €69,000. The final price depends on specific factors such as size, materials, model, design costs, options, finishes, extras, and delivery.

A Tiny House is a compact yet fully functional dwelling built with sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. It provides everything you need to live without excessive use of space, belongings, and money.

The transportation costs vary depending on the size of the Tiny House and the distance from your location. We can easily calculate the estimate when we discuss the request together.

Our Tiny Houses range in size from 15m2 to 65m2, depending on your specific preferences, needs, amenities, and layout requirements.

This depends on the zoning regulations of your municipality. In most cases, you can place a Tiny House on your own property, but there might be restrictions. We recommend contacting your local municipality for more information.

Each Tiny House has its own connection point and can be easily hooked up to the existing infrastructure. We recommend using a YMVK cable (5-core) and adding an additional fuse in the main house. We can also provide advice or assist in arranging this if needed.


The delivery time of your luxury and modern Tiny House varies depending on the size, materials, and construction. It's often possible to receive your Tiny House within 3 months.


Opt for the highest quality and sustainability with our fully finished two- and four-person models. Our Tiny Houses are designed to last effortlessly for 20 to 25 years and are crafted using circular and natural building materials. Moreover, the high insulation and RC values ensure warmth throughout the entire year. Whether you want to make your Tiny House fully self-sufficient or add water-saving showerheads, let us know – we're here to assist you.

As one of the largest importers of Tiny Houses in the Netherlands, we take pride in making a positive contribution to society. By collaborating with municipalities, we can swiftly provide cozy, affordable, and temporary rental homes to individuals in urgent need. Every year, thousands of people are forced to leave their homes due to domestic violence, divorce, or financial difficulties. These are challenging situations that can happen to anyone. At, we're here to help these individuals by offering them immediate access to a charming and budget-friendly temporary rental home, in collaboration with local governments.

Yes, you can buy and rent out a Tiny House as an investment. This is a smart way to generate additional income with a quick return on investment (ROI), especially when you compare the costs of a property to those of a Tiny House.

Thermally treated wood is heated to over 180 degrees, which removes moisture and alters the chemical structure. As a result, the wood requires minimal maintenance for at least 25 years.

Thermally treated wood, also known as thermally modified wood, is wood that undergoes controlled heating and steam treatment to enhance its properties. This treatment increases the wood's durability, stability, and resistance to moisture. During the thermal modification process, the chemical and physical characteristics of the wood are altered, making it more resistant to insects, fungi, and other decay processes.

Thermally treated wood is often used in outdoor applications such as decks, cladding, and furniture, as it withstands weather conditions better while maintaining a natural appearance. It's also an environmentally friendly choice, as the process doesn't involve the use of chemicals, and the wood can come from sustainably managed forests.

This depends on the location and zoning regulations of the municipality. In most cases, placing a Tiny House might not require a permit, but we recommend contacting the local municipality for more information. Alternatively, you can find more information about this here.

A Tiny House can be placed in various locations, such as on private property, in a garden, or in a Tiny House park. It's important to check the applicable laws and regulations in the desired location.

Yes, all of our Tiny Houses come with their own bathroom, including a shower, toilet, and sink. There are various options available depending on your preferences and needs.

A Tiny House can be a smart investment due to its relatively low costs and durability. Furthermore, renting out a Tiny House can generate additional income, especially when acquiring multiple units for rental purposes in a tourist area.

We install all Tiny Houses on ground screws. Ground screws are suitable for all types of soil (including peat and clay) and have minimal environmental impact compared to a concrete foundation. You save on formwork, rebar, a concrete mixer, and therefore a significant amount of labor costs. No digging or excavation is required, and ground screws can be reused if you decide to relocate your Tiny Home.

Welcome to Tiny House Hub, where we specialize in crafting custom luxury tiny houses. One of our latest models, Stuga, is a modern gem of 65m² with a 10m² sleeping loft. Featuring large panoramic windows and a trendy aesthetic, Stuga offers ample natural light and a spacious ambiance. It's perfect for blending into nature and enjoying breathtaking views. The living room with its French doors leading outside and open layout contribute to a sense of freedom.

Adjacent to the living room, there's a bathroom that can be customized in various colors and designs. The bathroom comes standard with Italian Marazzi tiles, a LED-lit mirror, a wall-hung toilet, underfloor heating, storage space, and a window. A sleeping or working area is situated on the other side of the bathroom and can be accessed through a hidden staircase in the living room. This roomy loft of 10m² can be used as a sleeping or storage space.

If you're looking to purchase a custom luxury tiny house with abundant natural light, a versatile layout, and a modern feel, then Stuga is the perfect choice for you! The model is available for €98,000 with an estimated delivery time of 12 weeks.

At Tiny House Hub, we combine robust construction with elegant design, utilizing only environmentally friendly, sustainable, and natural materials of the highest quality. Everything is tailored, from doors and windows to built-in closets and kitchen islands. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience and are supported by architects and designers, ensuring that your Tiny House is a perfect fit for you. Our models cater to various demographics and can be personalized to match your taste and style.

Quality and safety are paramount at Tiny House Hub. Therefore, all of our electrical, plumbing, and wet room work meets current Dutch building code requirements. We offer a comprehensive package for future homeowners, alleviating concerns about the construction process. Make a conscious choice by opting for a quality, sustainable, and luxuriously crafted tiny house at Tiny House Hub.